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To build“Per capita strong port、The culture of Hong Kong、The ecological green port”



To build“Per capita strong port、The culture of Hong Kong、The ecological green port”



2018Years7Month10Day9At the right time30Points,Sailing group co., LTD., chairman and sailing port Mr Guangxi universal, chairman of the board of directors of the company listed on the Hong Kong exchange to company gong。
2018Years7Month10Day, The company successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange,Knocked on the chizhou hong door to international capital markets, Also opened a new mileage to chizhou port development。
2018Years7Month10Day,The company(08502.HK)Listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange,Chizhou to become the first overseas listed companies, Anhui province is the first listed ports in foreign enterprises。

Building brand port  Happy voyage!

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  • Bulk cargo business

    Chizhou port of main operation engaged in bulk cargo loading and unloading port、The transit,Main cargo:Steel,Cement clinker,Asphalt,Wood chemical raw materials,Ton bag、Dolomite、Calcite、Building materials stone, etc。Chizhou port with the Yangtze river port lifting the biggest of all45Tons of crane、Advanced production line of belt conveyor and forklifts and other kinds of mechanical equipment,Can satisfy the ore bulk and bulk cargo loading and unloading、The transit。

  • Container business

    Chizhou port container terminal with door machine、The RTG and all kinds of machinery。The company has domestic routes of regional within the Yangtze river and coastal ports。The company has established the intelligent monitoring system and equipment control system,EDIElectronic data interchange system。


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